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  • MALITIA Price: US $ 0.5 - 9,999 / Motet;
  • Min.Order Price: C Song / Mass
  • Facultates copiam: (X) Song / mense per fragmina
  • Portus: Guangzhou, nan SHA
  • Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union
  • Product Detail

    we are the manufacturer Stage truss factory in Guangzhou,CHINA, we are professional on make the high quality stage equipments and exhibition equipments by the brand of Reichy truss since the year 2006, include all kinds of aluminium  truss , aluminium stage, mobile stage, stage truss, exhibition truss, stage lighting trussing, elevator tower, lighting stand, aluminium ladder, folding ladder, glass stage, LED stage, LED dance floor, moving tent, exhibition tent and flight case, road case, stage lighting case, ABS rack case etc.and our team has around 80 staff , 30% of them are engineers and technicians . All of our products is made by the international standard and Europe standard with the TUV and CE certification . we have strictly trained teams and 60% of our products is exporting to the international marketing such as USA, Canada, India, Italy,France,Germany, Southafrica, Dubai, etc .  For years of professional manufacturer experience and sincerely service , we have customers and friends over the world . the Reichytruss team always sincerely appreciate the suggestions and kindly supports from you ! we are welcome your visiting to our factory ! we are 25minutes only from the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport .

    Suspendisse CONIUNCTI SUMUS: OEM / ducens artifices / agens / TRIBUO

    sequitur a vexillum exempla monstrabit, quasi possit excogitandum, ut tua nimis postulatio:

    1 Aluminium truss : often each pcs length by 0.5m / 1m/ 1.5m / 2m / 2.5m / 3m / 3.5m / 4m , aluminium type of T6 (6082), main pipe D=50mm and thickness=3mm

    I), se ferre truss: 100mm * 100mm / 150mm * 150mm / 200mm * 200mm / 250mm * 250mm
    II) gradu lucis truss: 287mm * 287mm / 290mm * 290mm / 300mm * 300mm / 350mm * 350mm / 400mm * 400mm / 450mm * 450mm
    III ) gravibus officium truss: 500mm * 500mm / 500mm * 600mm / 520mm * 760mm / 600mm * 760mm / 760mm * 910mm

    2 stage: moving stage / mobile stage/ folding stage / combine stage / glass stage / adjustable stage / event stage/ T show stage/ stage truss height from 0.2 meter to 2.0 meter is available , 1.22m*1.22m / 1.22m*2.44m / 1m*1m / 1m*2m

    3 flight case: shock-proof case / road case/ fly case / stage lighting case / tool case / wire case / DJ case / sound case / handle case / brief case / ABS road case / ABS rack case/ ABS DJ case

    4 layer truss : combine by the horizontal pole, the vertical pole, the long outrigger, the adjustable base, very convenient and flexible to use .

    5 elevator tower /lighting stand /truss stand/ sound stand : overall height 6.5meters , loading weight 500kg , and all kinds of other stands .
    VI duxerunt chorus area / ducitur choro area / ducitur pavimento laterem / ducitur scaena: facilem installation, diu usus formis (LxWxH): 100cm (39.75 ') x 100cm (39.75') x 12cm (4.6 "), pondus, 48kg / pCs: 800kg pondus loading / pCs

    7 Aluminium ladder : folding ladder / extend ladder , most fashion design , use on different events, and can use for hanging lightings/speakers on truss too .

    VIII tabernaculum / movere per duos partes tecto tabernacle factum est, et tectum et conopeum operimentum .it aluminium frame aedificare ieiunium, et facilis est ventus, partum .anti 100mils / h .it est maxima para amet velit vel certe / ostendit / ludi / movere officii plenum usum ... tabernaculum enim factum est per minima unitatum partium ex 2m-width / 3 '/ 5m, ut possit aedificare sine fine width tua necessitates et plerumque ab 3' spatia ad 50m is available.


    1. Q: What certificate do Reichy Truss have?

    A: SGS and TUV certification.

    2. Q: What is the terms of payment?

    A: We accept Western Union, by T/T, 30% of invoice value as deposit, 70% balance paid before shipment, and some others.

    3. Q: Where is the loading port?

    A: Port Huangpu in Guangzhou or Ports in Shenzhen.

    4. Q: What is your packaging?

    A: Air bubble film or carton or flight case.

    5. Q: How long the deliver time?

    A: General it is about 5-15 days.

    6. Q: What is your after-sales service?

    A: Free parts provided once broken within one year.

    7. Q: Do Reichy Truss accept OEM order?

    A: Yes, we welcome OEM order as well.

    8. Q: Do Reichy Truss accept customized logo order?

    A: Yes, we can make logo on the truss for clients.

    Nobis loquere

    Coco Long

    Longman International Group Co.,Ltd
    Web: and
    whatSapp :008618588825089

    quia qualis princeps aluminium truss ninja bellator / scaenam / Exhibition

    Noster comitatu sita in Guangzhou urbem, Guangdong Provenice Sina.

    Aluminium truss sumus professionalem fabrica quam X annis de aluminium in truss

    Missione: Quality Pro Design Best Service

    Products nostri: aluminium truss (sicut global truss et Proleyte truss) Fibulae truss (cum TUV), scaena portable, aggere funis, fugae causa (nativus), aluminium conportabis aggerem et tibia canentium, et JACEO, forum apparatu, tam in choro floor.and .

    aluminium longitudinem praesto truss:
    1.64ft (0.5m) Mini Square / Square / iBeam / Mini triangulum, binis / triangulum, binis / Truss
    3.28ft (1.0m) Mini Square / Square / iBeam / Mini triangulum, binis / triangulum, binis / Truss
    4.92ft (1.5m )) Mini Square / Square / iBeam / Mini triangulum, binis / triangulum, binis / Truss
    6.56ft (2.0m) Mini Square / Square / iBeam / Mini triangulum, binis / triangulum, binis / Truss
    8.20ft (2.5m) Mini Square / Square / iBeam / Mini triangulum, binis / triangulum, binis / Truss
    9.84ft (3.0M) Mini Square / Square / iBeam / Mini triangulum, binis / triangulum, binis / Truss
    11.48ft (3.5) Mini Square / Square / iBeam / Mini triangulum, binis / triangulum, binis / Truss
    13.12ft (4.0m) Mini Square / quadratum / iBeam / Mini triangulum, binis / triangulum, binis / Truss
    14.76ft (4.5m) Mini quadratum / quadratum / iBeam / Mini triangulum, binis / triangulum, binis / Truss
    16.40ft (5.0m) Mini quadratum / quadratum / iBeam / Mini triangulum, binis / triangulum, binis / Truss
    Main fistula : 50x2mm / 50x3mm / 50x4mm


    High Quality Used Aluminium Spigot Truss Scaena dolor Events Contact Truss ad
    TUV, is an
    Truss Material
    Rudis materia: (VI)LXXXII qualitas aluminium offensionibus, T6
    Fistulam crassitudo
    Main tubae: * 2mm XXX; * L 3 mm; * L 4 mm; * L 5mm
    PRESSIO tubae: * XX 2mm; XXV * 2mm; XXX * 2mm
    Spigot truss: iungo Spigot
    fulmine truss: Cochleas
    argenteus, sive nigrum, hyacintho, viridi, ...

    Figura autem Truss

    I) Scala truss

    II) trianguli truss

    III) Faces truss

    IV), and Arch circa Truss
    Truss magnitudine
    I) lux truss: 100mm * C; CC * 200mm;

    II) Medium truss: 290mm * CCXC; CCC * 300mm; * 350mm CCCL;
    CD * 400mm; * 450mm CDL; CD * 600mm; DXX * 520mm; D * 600mm

    III) truss graves: DXX * 760mm: 760mm * DC; DC * 1010mm

    IV) Longitudo Truss: De rectis truss 0.5-4m; Truss circulo diameter 2m, ad 3m: 4m, 6 ...
    turrim partes
    Top Page: Manual, vel Electric Levabit motricium, Alimentorum fibra impetu et circulo fundæ: Obstructionum sleeve,
    § verso sonuerunt cardine postes, Basis ferro; Long outrigger
    I) C% qualitas inspectionem et ieiunium partus tempus

    II) Sect satisfactione spondet consilium reditus C%

    III) Lorem excogitatoris mos excogitandum te gratis

    IV) Aliquam pretium, opes, lux pondus, fortis onus
    Worship, pre se ferre, tabernacula, umbraculum currus, nuptias, res, pars: noctibus fustibus, Ecclesia, ostentationem commercia ostendunt, duxit propono screen frame: activities ludum, etc.
    creberque bulla neque peram, seu quod amet tuam
    Offer institutionem et disciplinam procedure
    Delivery Tempus
    Usually 5-10 Days
    Payment termino
    T / T Unionis sive occidentis

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