About Us ——
Hongkong Preface CO., LTD is located in Hongkong and office in Shenzhen.a world famous city for its small commodity trade and vibrant markets. Preface is specialized in Electronics and Components, such as IC chips, Diodes, Mosfet, Transistors, Resistors, Capacitors, Crystals, Inductors, Modules, Connectors, etc. With 6+ years BOM rich supply experience, professional selling team and scientific quality management, Preface is becoming an expert in BOM and Components supply. We strive to be the BEST of your retailing and wholesaling business partner. We are not just providing you Electronics and Components, but perfect user experience and service.
Company Culture ——
Our company advocates a working relationship of unity and cooperation. We firmly believe that only by working together and in a unified pace can the team move forward. Therefore, an excellent spirit of cooperation and good communication skills are our first criteria for selecting people. Our team has a group of vigorous young talents, not only with academic qualifications and qualifications, but with performance reflecting value, which is the source of our vitality. We believe that the core values ​​of "efficiency, fairness, and professionalism" can play a guiding role in work and life, and the elites who will join this team in the future provide a direction for progress and hard work.

Honor ——